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Restaurant Food Preparation Flow

Restaurant Food Preparation Flow

In a restaurant, multiple ingredients will be used to prepare each item, and keeping track of stocks for those ingredients becomes difficult. To considering this, we have implemented a food preparation flow based on items' ingredients and recipes, which helps track the inventory of all the ingredients and recipes used when an item is sold.

Please find the below instruction to create the preparation order.

Primary & Secondary Variations Creation
Ingredients & Recipe Mapping
Procurement & Preparation Flow
Sales & Reports

To know more about the above mentioned features, please refer the video tutorial

1. Primary & Secondary Variations Creation

Please check the Item Library help document to create a primary & secondary item variations

Step 1: Primary Variation: Veg Fried Rice

Choose only weight or volume for primary variation
Select the Primary Variation
Choose the "Prepared Food" Item tag

Step 2: Secondary Variations: Veg Fried Rice-Full & Veg Fried Rice-Half

Choose only count for secondary variations

Step 3: Creating Attribute Value

Navigation: POS Backend → Items → Attribute Values → Create

Select Attribute as Weight, Label as Full and the value as 1. Similarly create another with label as Half and the value as 0.5.

Step 4: Mapping the "Attribute value" to the secondary variations

Go to the inventory of Secondary variation Veg Fried Rice-Full

Navigation : POS Backend → Items → Items library → View Secondary variation Item → Inventory → Attributes Tab → Add Attribute

Select Attribute as Weight and the value as 1.
Similarly go to second variation Veg Fried Rice-Half and the value as 0.5.

2. Ingredients & Recipe Mapping

Step 1: Create Ingredients

Let's take the item "Veg Fried Rice" and the ingredients required are onion, carrot, cabbage, soy sauce, refined oil, rice, garlic, tomato, salt, basil leaves, pepper powder, chilli powder, water.

Navigation : POS Backend → Items → Items library → Create

The Create Item pop-up opens, fill in the details and save. After that, Press Add Variation, Select the type as Ingredient - To indicate the item is an ingredient.

Then click on Add inventory for the item. The add inventory pop-up opens, fill in the details and save.

Similarly create all the ingredient items. The items can also be created through the excel sheet please click here to check the help document.

Step 2: Create Recipe

Create a recipe item "Curry" in item library.
Select the type as Recipe. And choose the item tag Prepared Food.

Step 3: Mapping ingredients to recipe

The ingredient to be mapped with recipe are tomato, basil leaves, salt, garlic, pepper powder, chilli powder, water.

Navigation : POS Backend → Items → Items library → View Recipe Item → Inventory → Ingredients Tab → Add Ingredients

The pop-up opens, select the variation , enter the quantity and select the unit of measurement from the drop down.

3. Procurement & Preparation Flow

Step 1: Procurring of ingredients stocks via Purchase Order

Please check the Purchase Order help document to create the PO and procure the item stock.

Step 2: Once the ingredients stocks are received, please do the recipe preparation.

Navigation: POS Backend → Inventory Management → Action → Preparation Order

Preparation orders are created and managed in this section. Click "Create Preparation Order"

Step 3: Choose the recipe "Curry" Add the recipe quantity as "10" & create a preparation order

Approve the preparation order and complete it. Recipe "Curry" stocks has been updated.

Ingredients are reduced accordingly for preparing 10Kg of "Curry"

Step 4: Item Preparation

Goto Preparation Order on the inventory and create & complete the preparation order for Item: Veg Fried Rice

Ingredients and Recipe are reduced accordingly for preparing 5Kg of Veg Fried Rice

4. Sales & Reports

Let make a sale of secondary variation: Veg Fried Rice-Half

Sales Transaction Report

Inventory Stock Report

Inventory History Report

Updated on: 18/02/2023

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