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Multi Currency Billing

Multi Currency Billing

In tourist destinations, the payments are accepted in other currencies as well. In such cases need currency converter in POS, where the base currency should be converted to other currency (which the client accepts) and displayed so that the biller does not have to manually calculate currency conversion.

Now you can accept foreign currencies in checkout. You can configure which currencies can be accepted during checkout in the POS Admin. This information will be recorded against the order and will be displayed in order receipt, shift receipt and in the reports as well.

How to enable multi currency?

Navigation: POS Admin → Accounts & Settings → POS Setting → Select Supported Currencies

Select the currencies you require for the frontend.

Go to POS frontend click Force sync to sync the changes made.

Place an order and proceed to checkout. Then Click on Pay with Foreign Currency . Choose the respective currency to make the payment.

Click complete and the order data will be synced in POS frontend and Admin.

Note: Multi currency Billing is an Add-on feature

Updated on: 14/03/2023

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