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Token Number System

Token Number System

To configure the tokens flow, enable the token number system on POS Admin.

Navigation: POS Admin (Backend) → Accounts & Settings → Settings → POS Settings → Enable Token Number System

Do logout and login the POS Backend after enabling the token number system. Let us consider, you have 3 devices in one location. We will set one POS License as Primary.

Go-to POS Admin (Backend → Accounts & Settings → POS Licenses → Edit the License → Enable "Is Primary" → Save

After making changes, do force sync in POS Frontend. Connect the secondary device with Primary device. Both Primary & Secondary devices should be on same network connection.

Goto POS Frontend → Settings → Application → Device Info → Connect

Primary Device

Secondary Device

Once the device connection is complete, the order number will be printed sequentially.

Updated on: 18/02/2023

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