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We are thrilled to announce the introduction of ZATCA Statistics Dashboard and Sales Transaction Sync Tab in our PosBytz application. These features are designed to ensure successful synchronization of sales transactions with Fatoora portal and also to know the sales sync status to ZATCA.

ZATCA Dashboard

The ZATCA Statistics Dashboard is a newly introduced feature in our PosBytz application aimed at providing users with comprehensive insights into their sales transaction sync with Fatoora portal in Pie chart format.

Navigation: POS Admin → ZATCA → Dashboard

Simplified Invoice : A Simplified Invoice is typically used for transactions between a business and a consumer (B2C).
Standard Invoice : A Standard Invoice is used for transactions between businesses (B2B)

Green colour refers to Pass
Yellow colour refers to Warnings
Red colour refers to Errors


The Sales Transactions Sync Tab feature provides users with real-time updates on the synchronization status of their every sales transactions with Fatoora portal.

Simplified Invoice

Please click on Simplified Invoice option to check B2C sales invoice details

Navigation: POS Admin → ZATCA → Transactions → Simplified Invoice

Standard Invoice

Please click on Standard Invoice option to check B2B sales invoice details

Navigation: POS Admin → ZATCA → Transactions → Standard Invoice


Navigation: POS Admin → ZATCA → Transactions → Export

Please click Export option at top right corner to download the sales transaction sync details in CSV file.

To download the exported CSV file follow the navigation below and click download

Navigation: POS Admin → ZATCA → Exports

Note: This feature will be accessible after integrating Fatoora portal.

Updated on: 04/04/2024

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