Dynamic Discount

A Dynamic discount (or item-specific discount) is a discount that's applied to a single item in an order.

Fixed dynamic discount. (Eg: Buy 1 item and get 2$ off on the same item)

Percentage dynamic discount. (Eg: Buy 4 item and get 20% off on 2 quantity for the same item)

Apply discount on each item. (Eg: Buy 3 qty of sugar ang get 5$ off on 1 qty of same item)

To apply dynamic discount, click on the small triangle against an item in the cart and select apply discount option from the dropdown.

The apply discount pop up opens, fill in the details and apply.

Fixed dynamic discount:

Discount Type: Type of the discount (Fixed or Percentage)
Discount Value: Discount amount for the item.

Percentage dynamic discount

Discount Type : Percentage.
Discount Value: Discount value.
Discount Quantity: Number of quantity the discount has to be applied on.

Apply discount on each item.

If this option is enabled, discount can be applied to a particular quantity.

As you can see, the discounted item is created as a seperate entry in the cart.

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