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Printer Labels

Barcode Printer setup

Create Printer label

To set up the barcode printer, install the printer driver and take a windows test print. After that go to the PosBytz backend to print the barcode.

Navigation:** Backend → Items → Printer Labels → Create Printer Label

Name: Enter the printer label name.
Size Width & Height: Enter your barcode label width and height in millimeter
Label Column: Enter the barcode label columns, If your barcode have 3 labels enter 3.
Label Gap: Enter the gap between barcode labels.
Add Label(Text/Barcode): If you want to add text content like Store name, Item name, Selling price, MRP & Expiry date then select Text, select Barcode if you want to add barcode. Click “Add Label” to proceed.
Text: Enter the text field which was to display in label, select the font size and alignment from the dropdown. If there is any prefix then type that content.

(i) Select the alignment(For eg., Select center if you want to place the barcode on center)
(ii) Enter the barcode height
(iii) Human Readable - Alignment with & without barcode number.

Preview will be displayed on the right side

Printer Configuration

Navigation: Control Panel → View devices and Printer → Select the print & Right-click → Printer Preference

Printer Preference:

On Page Setup and click New to set up the barcode label’s height and width.

Enter the name as “3 Columns”, barcode label’s size and exposed liner widths for left and right side gap from the label. Click “OK”.

Select “3 Columns” in page setup’s drop-down and click “Apply”

Print the Barcode

Navigation: Backend → Items → Printer Labels → Download

First do the Column Mapping Values.
After mapping the column values, select the location and item variation from the variation
Selected item variation will be displayed at the bottom and it is an editable. Click “Download” to download the barcode as a PDF file.

While printing the barcode, select the paper size as “3 Columns”

Updated on: 08/12/2021

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