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POS Licences

POS Licences

The licence code is required along with the username and password, for the first time POS login in the device. After the first login the code is mapped to the device.

Navigation: Pos Backend → Account & Settings → POS Licences

The following columns are present in the licences table:

Name: Name of the device, which can be edited through Actions → Edit.

Code: Licence code of the number, UUID indicated the code is mapped to a device.

Active Login Date: First login date.

Location: Location to which the licence is mapped, which can be changed through Actions ---> Edit

Status: Status of the device, Active or Inactive.

Actions: Actions to perform on the device.
Edit: Edit the device name and location.

In the above screenshot, 879D0873 is already mapped to a device in Chicago location and UUID represents the device has been already taken.

To map location, go to Actions → Edit the Licence. Give a name and select the location.

The name and location are assigned to the device. After logging into POS using 879D0873, UUID is generated and first login date is populated at Active Login Date.

Updated on: 02/11/2021

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