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Navigation: Pos Backend → Account & Settings → Devices

Note: If there is only one KOT (Kitchen Order Token) printer is available in store, no configuration needed.

To map the KOT printer mapping, please check the below instructions:-

If you have two printers, for example, one is for Ice cream counter and another one is for fresh juices counter.

Create two devices, and name them as "Ice Cream" and "Fresh Juice".

Assign the devices to the respective item variations during items upload/ inventory creation process.

Do force sync and connect the respective printers to the created device.

Create Device

To configure multiple KOT printers, multiple devices need to create. Press "Add Device" button.

Name: Unique name for the device.
Location: Assign location for the device.
Device: Select KOT for kitchen printer.

Device mapping during item inventory creation

Once the devices are created, assign a device name against the item variation, during item inventory creation and upload process.

Pos Backend → Items → Item Library → View → Edit Inventory → Devices → Select the respective device

For example, if the orange juice needs to print the KOT in fresh juices counter, then select the device as "Fresh Juice" in item inventory

Device mapping using upload process

Download the upload format file, Goto itempriceupdate sheet. Please enter the following mandatory fields to map the device.

SKU: SKU of the item variation
Locations: Inventory location of the item variation
Device: Enter the respective device for this item

Note: Once the device configuration is done in POS Backend, please do force sync at the POS Frontend.

KOT Device Mapping in POS Frontend

POS Frontend → Settings → Printers → KOT Printers → Select the KOT Printer from the dropdown

After selecting the KOT printers, we need to connect the respective printers with the devices.

When an item is billed, the KOT prints from the corresponding printer based on the mapping.

Updated on: 25/10/2021

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