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Transfer Order

Transfer Order

Navigation: Main Menu --> Inventory Management --> Transfer Orders

Stock can be transferred from one location to another. Press three dots under "Actions" column for the actions to be performed on a transfer order.

Step 1: To create a new transfer order press "Create Transfer Order" button.

Step 2: Fill the following details in "Create Transfer Order" form and save.
Ship From: Select the ship from location.
Ship To: Select the ship to location.
Approver: Select a name who is going to approve & receive the transfer order.
Notes: Notes for the transfer order.
Item Name: Select the item name. Only items available in the ship from location are listed.
Batch: Select the batch number of the item to be transferred, if available.
Current Stock at Source Location: Displays the current stock value of the item available in the source location. Display format if a batch is selected Total Stock Qty (Batch Stock Qty).
Current Stock at Destination Location: Displays the current stock value of the item in the destination location.
Transfer Stock: Enter the quantity to be transferred. If a batch is selected, enter a value equal/less than the selected batch stock quantity.
Expiry Date: Displays the expiry date of the item batch.
ADD: To add the item in the list.
REMOVE: To remove the item from the list.

Step 3: A transfer order is created with status in "PENDING". Edit and delete options can be performed.

Step 4: Approve the transfer order by pressing "Approve Button", This can be done by the approver which was selected at the time of transfer order creation.

Step 5: Complete the transfer order to transfer the stock.

Updated on: 24/07/2021

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