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Release Notes - 6 February 2023

Release Notes - 6 February 2023

We have implemented the following feature in our PosBytz application. Kindly have a look and let us know in case of any queries.

Advance Order Flow
Token number system (Android POS)

App Update Details
Windows Complete: Refresh the application by clicking the POS icon top left corner.
Android Complete: Latest version 3.8.53

1. Advance Order Flow

What is Advance Order?

Advance orders allow customers to reserve the products as per their desire. The customer might choose to place an order for a particular day.

Advance Order Flow is an add-on feature. You can access the "Advanced Orders" tab in your POS Frontend once the add-on has been enabled in your PosBytz account.

👉For Demo and Pricing, please drop us a mail to or call us at 8800553084.

How to place an Advance order?

Step 1: Add item to the cart and then proceed to check out. You will see the Advance order toggle, enable it.

Step 2: Customer selection is mandatory for advance order flow. Add Customer to the invoice, Scheduled on (delivery date) and Select the Order type either "self pickup or delivery".

Note: If choose delivery add the customer delivery address. If the address is added while creating the customer it will be taken as default which can be edited.

Step 3: Select the payment option and enter the amount paid by customer in Tender amount . And then complete the bill and you will receive the invoice as Advance Invoice, if the amount is paid full you will get a regular invoice.

For example the total is 1280 but the customer pays 500 now.

Step 4: On the scheduled date you will have the notification on the Frontend displaying the number of orders pending for that day.

For example if 1 order is scheduled on that day it will display as in the below image, it will be shown until the order is accepted.

Step 5: Accept the order, after the order is ready mark it as Ready. When the customer has come for pickup, give complete and payment tab will pop-up. Select the payment option for the balance amount and the receipt will be generated.

2. Token number system (Android POS)

We have already implemented the token number system in Windows POS. Now, the token number system is available in the Android POS.

Updated on: 06/02/2023

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