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Release Notes - 02 September 2023

Release Notes - 02 September 2023

We are excited to announce that we have implemented new features and made improvements to existing ones in our PosBytz Software. This release includes a number of new features, improvements and bug fixes, all designed to enhance your experience with our application.

Here are the highlights of the new features:

Table Status Enhancement
Inventory Audit Enhancement
Report Enhancements
Bug fixes

App Update Details
Windows Complete: Latest version 4.0.30

1. Table status enhancement

In this release, we are excited to introduce a new feature that enhances your table management capabilities. We have introduced a new table status called "Block." With this feature, you now have the ability to mark a table as "Block" when it is not serviceable, ensuring smoother operations and improved guest management.

Table Blocking: You can now mark tables as "Block" to indicate that they are temporarily unavailable for seating. This is particularly useful when a table is being cleaned, undergoing maintenance, or reserved for a specific event.

Ease of Use: Table status can be easily changed from both the POS system and the waiter app, providing flexibility to your staff and ensuring efficient communication.

From POS: In the POS system, you can change the status of a table to "Block" with a simple click. This status will be visible to your waiter preventing them from assigning guests to the blocked table.

Waiter App: Waiter can also change the table status to "Block" using the waiter app. This ensures that your cashier can easily coordinate table availability.

2. Inventory Audit Enhancement

We are excited to introduce new enhancements to our Inventory Audit feature, aimed at improving clarity and precision in your inventory management process. In this release, we have made significant UI changes, including the renaming of specific fields for better understanding and usability.

User Interface Changes:

Counted Stock → Total Physical Stock (Includes Expired and Damaged Quantity)
Damage → Damaged

On the Count stock page (Approver),

Counted Stock → Total Physical Stock

Expected Stock → System Stock

These changes have been implemented to enhance the transparency and efficiency of your inventory audit tasks, ensuring that you can manage your stock more effectively.

3. Report Enhancements

We are pleased to inform you that we have made few enhancements for the following reports on PosBytz as shown below,

A) Category/Subcategory Report

We've made improvements to our system's user interface to enhance the overall user experience. Notably, we've added a visual highlight to categories that contain subcategories for easier navigation and clarity.

B) Ingredients Sales Report

We have enhanced the column name in this report to be more user friendly terms.
We have introduced tiles to display the Quantity consumed, quantity refunded, Net quantity consumed and Net Cost.

C) Cost of Goods (COGS) report

We have introduced a significant enhancement to our Cost of Goods (COGS) report. Now, you can easily view the COGS margin in our system. This addition provides valuable insights into your pricing strategy and profitability analysis.

Formula: COGS Margin = (Buying Price / Selling Price) * 100.

4. Bug fixes

In this release, we have addressed various general bugs and made fixes accordingly.

Updated on: 02/09/2023

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