Release Notes - 26 May 2022
Arabic Fonts on Receipt for Qatar Accounts
Zatca - Purchase Order Scan

FSSAI License number can be entered against the location and get printed on receipt.
Note: Applicable only on Restaurant & QSR business types.

Navigation: Accounts & Settings ➔ Locations ➔ Action ➔ Edit ➔ FSSAI License Number (FSSAI)

Navigation: Accounts & Settings ➔ Settings ➔ POS Settings ➔ FSSAI License Number (FSSAI)

2. Arabic Fonts on Receipt for Qatar Accounts
Only for Qatar accounts the receipt content will get print in English & Arabic

3. Zatca - Purchase Order Scan
B2B (business to business) sales transaction QR can be scanned and created as a purchase entry.

Step 1
Navigation: Inventory Management ➔ Purchase order ➔ Scan QR Code ➔ Scan New QR Code

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4
Purchase entry created.
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