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Release Notes - 26 March 2023

Release Notes - 26 March 2023

We have implemented a new features and made improvements to existing ones, all designed to improve your experience with our PosBytz application. Here are the highlights of the new features:

Search customer by phone number
Price category wise sales in shift summary report
SMS Communication Dashboard
Online Store - Customer discounts
QR Ordering - Country code selection for phone number
PosBytz Billing App - Enhancements
Bug Fixes

App Update Details
Windows Complete: Latest version 4.0.16
Pos Billing app: Click here to update

POS Frontend Enhancements

1. Search customer by phone number

With the latest update, the sales tab now allows customers to be searched not only by name, but also by phone number, making it easier to find and access customer's sales information.

Navigation: POS Frontend) → Sales → Customers filter

2. Price category summary in shift summary

We have added a new feature that displays a price category-wise sales summary in the reports tab and shift summary receipt.

With the new update, release notes will automatically appear in the POS application after every release or update, and users can easily access them by clicking on the "Release Notes" link located under App Settings → Application → App Version → Release Notes.

3. SMS Communication Dashboard

The Communication Dashboard allows you to view your credits, SMS sent details, and remaining credits in real-time, giving you a clear overview of your messaging activity.

With the Communication Dashboard, you can:

View your current credit balance and monitor your usage.
See how many SMS messages have been sent.

Note: SMS & Whatsapp services are Addon features. For enquiry kindly contact

4. Online Store - Customer discounts

We have added two new options for discounts to PosBytz online store:

Once Per Customer - This option enables each customer to only use the discount code once.

New Customers Only - This option allows you to limit the discount to customers who have never made a purchase from your store before.

Navigation: POS Admin (Backend) → Items → Discounts → Create Discount → Enable Is Online store

5. QR Ordering - Country code selection for phone number

With the recent update, customers can now select their country code from a drop-down menu when placing QR orders, allowing for increased accessibility and ease-of-use for customers located anywhere in the world, as compared to the previous fixed country code system.

6. PosBytz Billing App - Enhancements

a) Shift summary softcopy

The users can now download the shift summary report, providing enhanced functionality and convenience with the latest update of the Posbytz Billing app

b) Receipt Enhancement

We have enhanced the bill receipt in the app for better readability.

c) Weighing Scale Integration

The Posbytz Billing app can now be connected with weighing scales.

7. Bug Fixes

We have also fixed several bugs and made performance improvements to enhance the overall stability and reliability of the application. Specifically, we have addressed the following issues:

Receipts not printing fully when app's zoom level is changed

Tables getting deleted after sync even though when occupied

Updated on: 26/03/2023

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