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Release Notes - 22 February 2023

Release Notes - 22 February 2023

We have implemented the following feature in our PosBytz application.

Credit Outstanding Flow
Resend SMS Option
Upload features
Bug Fixes

To update POS refresh the application by clicking the PosBytz icon top left corner.

1. Credit Outstanding Flow

Customer's order outstanding and the total outstanding amount captured against the sales in the Backend

Navigation: POS Admin (Backend) → Sales → Transaction → Actions → View

The total outstanding amount will be captured in the PDF

The credit sales will be in "Open" status until the credit is paid.

The credit outstanding amount can be paid against that order in the backend

Navigation: POS Admin (Backend) → Sales → Transaction → Actions → View →Pay Outstanding Amount

The status will get changed to "Completed", When the credit is paid against the order.

2. Resend SMS Option

New option to resend the transaction SMS to the customer

Navigation: POS Frontend → Sales → Receipt → SMS

Transaction SMS is a Addon feature. Contact us at for the details.

3. Upload Features

Bulk upload "Vendor" against the items.

Vendors can be added against the item in bulk with ItemVariationVendors sheet

Bulk upload "Low Stock Alert" against the items.

Low stock alert for the items can be uploaded in bulk with ItemIventoryUpdate sheet

NOTE: The Item upload format can be download from POS Admin (Backend) → Upload/import Files → Download Format

4. Bug Fixes

Split Credit payments - Not reflecting on customer outstanding

Now the Split Credit payments will reflect against the customer

Updated on: 23/02/2023

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