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Release Notes - 16 June 2023

Release Notes - 16 June 2023

We are excited to announce that we have implemented new features and made improvements to existing ones in our PosBytz Software. This release includes a number of new features, improvements and bug fixes, all designed to enhance your experience with our application. Here are the highlights of the new features:

Report Enhancement
PO's Item creation tab Enhancement
Shift summary Customization
Item offline Availability option
WhatsApp transaction message Button
Cancellation Alert for Online orders
OCOM Printer support
Accounting Enhancement
Barcode Enhancement

App Update Details
Windows Complete: Latest version 4.0.23
Android Complete: Latest version 4.0.23

1. Report enhancement

A) Cost of goods report enhancement

In order to improve the experience for our merchants, we have implemented an enhancement in the Cost of Goods and Cost of Goods Summary reports. Now, merchants have the option to select multiple categories using the "Category filter" feature.

Navigation: POS Backend → Inventory Management → Reports → Cost of goods/ Cost of Goods Summary

B) Category filter in KOT item report

To provide better analysis of KOT data, we have introduced a new feature in the KOT item report. Merchants now have the ability to filter the report based on categories using the "Category filter" option.

This filter allows you to conveniently view a category-wise KOT cancellation report, enabling you to analyze and track KOT cancellations based on specific categories.

Navigation: POS Backend → Reports → KOT Item Report

2. PO's Item creation tab enhancement

To enhance the item creation process in Purchase Orders (PO) and GRN, we have made an important update. Initially, we introduced the item creation option in the PO and GRN tabs. Now, to further improve the user experience, we have included the Barcode field in the item creation tab of both PO and GRN. This addition aims to streamline the item creation process.

3. Shift summary customization

We understand the importance of reducing paper waste and optimizing the shift summary report for merchants with a large number of items. In light of this, we have implemented a customization feature for the clock out shift summary report. Now, you have the option to customize the details to be printed in the shift summary, which allows you to avoid unnecessary printing of item summaries when your store has more than 1000 items. This customization feature will help you conserve paper and provide a more efficient and concise shift summary.

Navigation: POS Backend → Account & Settings → POS Settings →Shift Summary

4. Item offline availability option

In order to address the issue of order cancellations and improve the overall experience for restaurant's merchants, we have introduced a new feature called "Item Offline Availability." This feature enables you to manage the availability of specific items in both the POS (Point of Sale) and Waiter App.

With this provision, if an item like "Pizza" is out of stock, you now have the ability to turn off its availability in the POS Backend. When the item is turned off, it will no longer be visible for sale in the POS Frontend and Waiter App. This ensures that customers will not be able to place orders for items that are currently unavailable, reducing the occurrence of order cancellations and improving the overall impression of the restaurant.

Navigation: POS Backend → Items → View → Inventory Edit

By utilizing the Item Offline Availability option, you can effectively control and manage the availability of items in your restaurant, providing a better customer experience and minimizing any potential inconvenience caused by out-of-stock items.

5. Whatsapp transaction message button

We have added a "Whatsapp Transaction Message" button that allows you to conveniently send the receipt to customers via WhatsApp.

With this button, instead of printing physical receipts, you can now choose to send the transaction details and receipt directly to the customer's WhatsApp number. This not only reduces paper waste but also offers a more convenient and efficient way for customers to receive and store their transaction records.

Navigation: POS Frontend → Sales → Receipt → Whatsapp

By utilizing the "Whatsapp Transaction Message" button, you can contribute to a greener environment while providing a seamless and eco-friendly experience for your customers.

Note: Whatsapp integraton is a addon feature. Kindly contact for the pricing.

6. Cancellation Alert for online orders

When an online order cancellation occurs, you will receive an alert in the form of a pop-up notification on your POS screen. Additionally, a notification sound will accompany the alert to ensure you are promptly notified of the cancellation.

This new feature aims to improve your order management process by providing real-time visibility into order cancellations.

7. OCOM Printer support

PosBytz Software now supports OCOM Printers. With this update, you can seamlessly integrate your OCOM Printer with our software, enabling efficient and reliable printing of receipts, invoices, and other essential documents.

8. Accounting Enhancement

We have implemented several enhancements to our Accounting module, with a particular focus on the Opening Balance feature.

These enhancements aim to streamline the accounting process, providing greater accuracy and flexibility in managing opening balances.

Should you require more detailed information regarding the PosBytz Accounting module, our team will be delighted to provide you with the necessary details.

9. Barcode Enhancement

Previously, when scanning a weighted barcode and attempting to edit the selling price, the quantity field would reset to zero. However, based on valuable merchant feedback, we have implemented a new feature to address this issue.

With the latest update, you now have the option to ensure that the quantity remains constant when editing the selling price of items with weighted barcodes. This means that when you adjust the selling price, the quantity field will no longer reset to zero, providing a more seamless and efficient experience when managing pricing for such items.

Thank you for your continued support, and we hope this update further enhances your experience with PosBytz Software.

Updated on: 03/07/2023

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