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Release Notes - 14 January 2023

Release Notes - 14 January 2023

We have implemented the following features in our PosBytz application.

PosBytz Accounting
Provision to export item information
Waiter name on Dine-in (table) orders
Online Orders Auto Refresh
Charge-exempted orders flow

App Update Details
Windows Complete: v3.8.53

1. PosBytz Accounting

In our PosBytz Billing software, we are introducing the Accounting module. PosBytz Accounting can help you to grow your business. PosBytz Accounting is a cloud-based, accounting system for your business. PosBytz accounting allows you to handle bookkeeping, record journal entries, and manage the taxes.

If you require more information about PosBytz Accounting, please click here.

2. Provision to export item information

Previously, if we download the existing items, only limited information will be downloaded. We have included all the information in the item export sheet.

Now, you can download the item sheet with more information.

3. Waiter name on Dine-in (table) orders

Let us consider that you were only using the POS Frontend to take the table orders instead using the waiter app.

To consider the above scenario, we have introduced the option to assign the waiter from the POS Frontend.

A) Make sure that you have mention the employee type as "Waiter"

B) While taking a table order, the waiter's name appears in the dropdown menu. You can delegate the table orders to the appropriate waiter.

4. Online Orders Auto Refresh

Previously, the entire Online Orders page will get refreshed whenever a new online order is placed or existing order status is updated. Now, we optimize the display for new orders & existing order status updates will appear without the entire page refresh.

5. Charge-exempted orders flow

In some restaurants, charges won't be applicable for takeout orders. So we have implemented charge-exempt order flow.

Goto POS Backend --> Items --> Charges --> Create Charges

In Charges, we have added a new field named "Excluded Price Categories". Here you can mention the price category from which you want to exempt the service charges.

Updated on: 17/01/2023

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