Release Notes - 11 July 2022
Custom UOM Flow
Duplicate Barcode Handling
Cooking Instruction / Notes
Category License Mapping
Dynamic Discount Notes
Telephone Number Type
KOT Item Reports Filters
Printer Performance Enhancement (USB , Bluetooth)

Custom UOM Flow
Provision to add a custom UOM (Unit of Measurement) as per users choice.

Duplicate Barcode Handling (Retail/Supermarket)
Multiple Batch Management - Comparing Expiry and MRP information of the existing and newly procuring batch through purchase order.
→ if Expiry is unique, a new batch is created.
→ if Expiry is same and MRP is different, a new batch is created.
→ If Expiry and MRP is same as that of existing batch, the stock is added respective batch instead of creating a new batch.
Duplicate Barcode Validation:- This avoids creating a duplicate barcode for multiple items.

Cooking Instruction / Notes
Provision to display cooking instruction in the cart section of waiter app and POS.

Category License Mapping
Categories can be mapped to POS licence(s),to make them available only on the assigned POS devices.

Dynamic Discount Notes
Provision to capture notes for "Dynamic Discount" on POS. This feature is applicable to Item level dynamic discounts and order level dynamic discounts.

Telephone Number Type
Provision to select phone number type against the customer.

KOT Item Reports Filters (Restaurant)
The following filters have been added:
SKU / Item Variation
Employee Name
Payment Methods
KOT Type - Completed or Cancelled

Printer Performance Enhancement (USB , Bluetooth)
Printing speed enhanced on POS Go version.

Version Updates
Kindly update to latest version of POS:
Windows Complete v3.8.36
Android GO v1.6.7.0
Android Complete v3.8.33.1
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