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Release Notes - 04 October 2022

Release Notes - 04 October 2022

Token Number System
Bill receipt changes for Swiggy orders

For Windows Complete : Changes to reflect in Windows complete, please update the application to latest version 3-8-42.

Token Number System

To configure the tokens flow, enable the token number system on POS Admin.

Navigation: POS Admin (Backend) → Accounts & Settings → Settings → POS Settings → Enable Token Number System

Do logout and login the POS Backend after enabling the token number system. Let us consider, you have 3 devices in one location. We will set one POS License as Primary.

Go-to POS Admin (Backend → Accounts & Settings → POS Licenses → Edit the License → Enable "Is Primary" → Save

After making changes, do force sync in POS Frontend. Connect the secondary device with Primary device. Both Primary & Secondary devices should be on same network connection.

Goto POS Frontend → Settings → Application → Device Info → Connect

Primary Device

Secondary Device

Once the device connection is complete, the order number will be printed sequentially.

Bill receipt changes for Swiggy orders

The following details will be printed in the Swiggy order's Bill receipt

Delivery Passcode (OTP)

Barcode (to be scanned by the rider at the time of handover)

Updated on: 04/10/2022

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