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Release Notes - 04 Mar 2022

Release Notes - 04 Mar 2022

Sequential Bill Number
Show In Folder Button For Downloaded Invoices / Receipt

Note For Windows Complete : For the changes to reflect in Windows complete, please update the application to latest version 3-8-31 by clocking out from the application. Please do force sync after successfully updating the application.

Sequential Bill Number

Now bill number Is generated only during completing an order and it is sequential specific to device/license with monthly / yearly reset options.

By default invoice number will have a format with prefix of location id and license id: Location Id(XXX) / License Id(YYY) / Counter(0001), for example XXXYYY0001.

Prefix can be manually added against the License/Device and should be unique.

Adding prefix for Location and Licence

For example the location name is New York and the licence device number is 2331, we can provide the prefix as NYC2331 which will be followed by counter i.e NYC23310001. Using this invoice number you can search in POS and backend.

Navigation to add prefix for location: Admin → Accounts & Settings → Locations → Edit

Navigation to add prefix for POS Licences: Admin → Accounts & Settings → POS Licences → Edit

To set order sequential time reset for POS Licences, navigate to Admin → Accounts & Settings → POS Settings → Select Order Sequential Reset Time

Show In Folder Button For Downloaded Invoices / Receipt

Once the Invoice/Receipt is downloaded, you can find a message prompting at the bottom right. Upon clicking on "Click here", it will take you to downloads folder where the receipt is being saved.

Updated on: 05/03/2022

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