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Import Price Category

Import Price Category

An Item can be sold with multiple price tags. For example, Noodles default price is 10$. The same item can be sold at multiple prices.

15$ in A/C price category

17$ in Home Delivery

For this sheet to be uploaded the "Price Category" has to be created and item variation "Pricing Type" should be "Multi". Refer Price Category Setup doc

Price Category Name: Unique name for price category. For example online, parcel, etc.

SKU: SKU of the item variation.

Locations: Inventory location of the item variation, if the price category has to be added for multiple locations, separate the locations with a comma. For example Location1,Location2

Price Type: fixed or percentage.

fixed: Fixed amount will be increased or decreased from the selling price.

percentage: Percentage of amount will be increased or decreased from the selling price.

Price Value: Values can be positive or negative. For example 5, -5, etc. The given value will be added / subtracted from the selling price.

Tax: Tax component of the item variation for the price category. If the item has multiple tax components, separate tax components with comma. For example tax1,tax2,tax3

Note: Columns names marked with RED colour in Download Sample XL sheet are mandatory fields.

Updated on: 06/10/2021

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