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Import Transfer Order

Import Transfer Order

Stock transfer from one location to another.

Ref Number: Reference number of the transfer order.

Multiple items under a transfer order can be imported, which are grouped under a single reference number.

Multiple transfer orders can be imported, which are grouped under different reference numbers.

From Location Name: Stock transferred from location name.

To Location Name: Stock transferred to location name.

Assignee Username: Approver’s user name, who should approve the transfer order.

Notes: Reference notes for the transfer order .

Item Name: Name of the item variation.

SKU: SKU of the item variation.

Quantity: Quantity of stock to be transferred.

Received Date: YYYY-MM-DD Date on which the transfer order is to be received.

If the received date is given, it means the transfer order was already executed on the given date. This scenario is for past dates.

If left empty the transfer order will be pending for approval. Once approved the transfer order will be executed.

Batch Id: Batch ID of the item.

Expiry Date: Expiry Date of the item YYYY-MM-DD.

Note: Columns names marked with RED colour in View Sample XL sheet are mandatory fields.

Updated on: 06/10/2021

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