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Import Tax

Sample sheet contains demo data for reference. Have data only in the sheets which are to be imported and delete information in the other sheets. For example, if we are configuring Taxes, Categories and Items, delete information in other sheets. After filling the required details, save and close the XL.

Step 1: Go to Upload/Import Files in the main menu.

Step 2: Click View Sample to download the sample upload XL.

Step 3: In the view sample, go to Taxes sheet.

Step 4: Fill the following columns:

Name: Unique name for the tax. For example, Exc VAT 5%, Inc VAT 5%, Inc SGST 2.5%, Inc CGST 2.5%, etc.
Rate: Percentage value of tax. For example 5, 2.5, etc.
Type: additive or inclusive
additive for exclusive tax and
inclusive for inclusive tax

Note: Columns names marked with RED colour in View Sample XL sheet are mandatory fields._

Updated on: 23/07/2021

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