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Import Discount

Import Discount

Discounts can be applied by filling in the criteria for the discounts and required details.

Name: Name of the discount ( Buy 3 get 1 free ).

Locations: Select the location(s) at which the discount has to be active.

Code: Self created coupon code which can be used to avail the discount at online store.

Valid From: Select the Start date of the discount.

Valid To: Select the End date of the discount.

Days: Select the days(Mon-Sun) on which the discount should be active. If left empty the discount will be active on all days.

Buy Criteria: Set the buy criteria (Order level, Item Level and Category).

Buy Criteria Prerequisite value: Minimum order value for the discount to be applied.

Buy Variation SKU: Sku of the item variation according to the discount.

Buy Criteria Variation Type: Unit of measurement of the item variation (qty).

Buy Criteria Variation Prerequisite Value: Minimum quantity of the item variation for the discount to be applied.

Get Criteria Type: Type of the get criteria. (fixed / percentage).

Get Criteria Value: Total discount value for the respective item.

Get Max Discount Value: Maximum discount value the customer can avail.

Get Variation SKU: Sku of the item variation the customer gets as a discount.

Get Variation Discount Type: Type of the get variation ( fixed / percentage ).

Get Variation Discount Value: Total discout value for the respective item.

Get Variation Maximum Discount Quantity: Maximum discount quantity the customer can avail.

Is Online: Enables the discount at online store as well.

Once Per Customer: The customer can apply the discount only once. ( 1=enable, 0=disable).

21: Is automatic: Triggers the discount automatically when the buy criteria is met.

Is TOTP Required: Discount is accessible only by entering the OTP available in Posbytz Merchant App.

Note: Columns names marked with RED colour in Download Sample XL sheet are mandatory fields.

Updated on: 17/12/2021

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