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ZATCA Integration

ZATCA Phase 2 (Fatoora)

As a business in Saudi Arabia, accessing the Fatoora Portal is your first step toward seamless integration with the e-invoicing system.

What is ZATCA Phase 2?

The integration phase, known as phase 2 of e-invoicing, is an IT system of business issuing tax invoices as per ZATCA e invoicing, such as POS, accounting software, ERP etc., needs to be integrated with the ZATCA’s system (Fatoora Portal). Where all the invoices should be automatically pushed to Fatoora Portal on daily basis.

In this system, once the supplier generates the invoice, the details will be electronically uploaded to the Fatoora portal, which will validate and authenticate the invoice. After successful authentication, each invoice is digitally signed and added with a QR code.

ZATCA developed the Fatoora portal so taxpayers can onboard their EGS (E-invoice generating solution) units by generating a new Cryptographic Stamp Identifier (CSID) or renewing the existing CSIDs. Also, taxpayers can use the Fatoora portal to revoke the CSIDs and view the list of onboarded solutions and devices.

What is the difference between ZATCA phase 2 and phase 1?

The Generation phase, known as phase 1 of e-invoicing where any business is mandated to issue the simplified tax invoice with the QR code. Where in the Phase 2 all businesses should integrate with Fatoora portal to push all the invoices to ZATCA system for tax computation and further return fillings.

ZATCA Installation On PosBytz

Follow the below navigation and install ZATCA

Navigation: Backend → Account & Settings → Integrations → E-invoice → ZATCA

Zatca Install

Fatoora Onboarding

Login Fatoora portal

Click Onboard New Solution Unit/Device

Enter a number and Click Generate OTP Code

Note: The number should be same as the number of location in your PosBytz account.

Copy the generated OTP code (443320).

Now on PosBytz Backend,

Navigation: Backend → Account & Settings → Locations → Actions → Edit

Under Platforms, select E-invoice and ZATCA

Click Add a pop up will appear asking the OTP

Enter the OTP copied on the Fatoora portal and click Ok.

Now Fatoora has been mapped for this location.

To check if the mapping is successful kindly login to Fatoora portal , Click on View List of Solutions Ands Devices.

A device will be created with the VAT number provided against the location detail on PosBytz.

The Zatca integration has been completed, now when we make a sale in this location it will be synced into Fatoora which can be checked on E-invoice Statistics

Updated on: 21/02/2024

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