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Release Notes - 9 February 2023

Release Notes - 9 February 2023

We have implemented the following feature in our PosBytz application.

Performance Enhancement
Archival Frequency Setting

App Update Details
Windows Complete: Latest version 4.0.10

1. Performance Enhancement

Earlier, there was a minor delay in the POS when the item count exceeded 10,000; currently, the POS has been tuned to work faster.

Note : Update the Windows Complete Application to the latest version 4.0.10 for the performance enhancement

2. Archival Frequency

Earlier, the sales date can be stored in the POS only for 7 days. Now the sales data can be stored in the POS up to 30 Days. Refunds are available for sales that are up to 30 days old.

To configure this

Navigation : POS Frontend --> Settings -->Application --> Archival Frequency

Archival Frequency setting

Updated on: 09/02/2023

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