HR Payroll Module

HR Payroll

What is HR Payroll?

Human Resources (HR) payroll features play a crucial role in managing and processing employee salary compensation, tax deductions, and related financial aspects.

Integrated HR Payroll module with a Point of Sale (POS) application can provide additional benefits, especially for businesses with frontline employees or those in the retail and restaurant business.

Easy access and update capabilities for HR administrators to maintain accurate records.

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How to create and assign Holiday List in HR Payroll?

Navigation: HR Payroll ---> Home ----> Human Resources ---> Leaves ----> Holiday List

To create holiday list, follow the below steps

Step 1: Create a Holiday List

Go to Holiday List, click on New.
Enter Holiday List Name. It can be based on the Fiscal Year or Location or Department as per the requirement.
Select From Date and To Date for the Holiday List.
In the 'Add Weekly Holidays' section, select the day in the Weekly Off field.
Click on the 'Add to Holidays' button.
In the 'Add Local Holidays' section, select the country.
Some countries have subdivisions with different or additional holidays. If you like, you can optionally select a specific subdivision.
Click on the 'Add to Holidays' button.

Scroll down and verify added "Holiday's List" details in the Holidays table. If required, you can also add Holidays manually by clicking on
the 'Add row' option in the Holidays table.

Click "Save" to create "Holiday List"

Step 2: Assign Holiday List to company

You can set a default Holiday List at the company-level in the Company in the 'Default Holiday List' field.

Navigation: HR Payroll ---> Home ---> Company ---> Select "Company name" ---> Assign Holiday List ---> Save

How to setup Payroll module?

To setup payroll, following steps need to be created

Create Salary Component
Create Payroll Period
Create Salary Structure
Assign Salary Structure
Create Salary Slip

Step 1 : Employee

Newly created employee from POS Backend directly synchronize with HR Payroll module and displays against Employee.

Employee List in POS admin:

Employee List in HR Payroll:

Navigation: HR Payroll ---> Home ---> HR ----> Employee

Step 2: Create Salary component

The different components that make up the Salary Structure are called as Salary Components. Salary paid to the employees comprises of several different components, such as basic salary, allowances, arrears, etc.

Salary Components in HR Payroll:

Navigation: HR Payroll ---> Home ---> Payroll ---> Create Salary Component ---> Show Salary Component (Default)

To create new salary component, you can click "Add Salary Component".

Click on Add Salary Component
Enter its Name and Abbreviation.
Enter Type
Enter Description of the Salary Component (optional).

Step 3: Create Payroll Period

Payroll Period helps you define Salary Structures and to calculate tax for a specific period based on applicable Income Tax Slab.

Navigation: HR Payroll ---> Home ---> Payroll ----> Payroll Period

To Create Payroll, follow below steps

Go to Payroll Period list, click on New.
Enter Name.
Select Start Date and End Date of Payroll Period.

Step 4: Create Salary Structure

Salary Structure is the details of the salary being offered to an Employee, in terms of the breakup of the different components constituting the compensation.

Navigation: HR Payroll ---> Home ---> Payroll ---> Create Salary Structure ---> Create Entry

To create salary structure, follow below steps

Click Salary Structure list.
Enter the Salary Structure Name
Select the Company Name and Payroll Frequency and Click "Save".

Select Earnings and Deductions, Add Salary Component (Earnings) in the Component column. Finally, Save and Submit.

Step 5: Assign Salary Structure

Salary Structure Assignment allows you to assign a particular Salary Structure to the employee or team.

Navigation: HR Payroll ---> Home ---> Payroll ---> Assign Salary Structure ---> Create Entry

Go to Salary Structure Assignment list and click on New.
Select the Employee and Salary Structure.
Select the From Date from which this particular Salary Structure will be applicable.
Enter Base and Variable amount as per requirement (Optional). Finally, Save and Submit it.

Step 6: Create Salary Slip

A salary slip is a document contains a detailed description of the employee’s salary components and amounts.

Navigation: HR Payroll ---> Home ---> Payroll ---> Create Salary Slip ---> Create Entry

To create salary slip, follow below steps

Go to Salary Slip, Click on New.
Select Employee. On selecting Employee all details of the Employee will be fetched from Salary Structure which is assigned to that Employee.
Select Start Date and End Date.

Posbytz Accounting

In Posbytz accounting, the employee's salary amount deducts from Petty Cash by default, as per the salary structure, once the salary slip is generated from HR Payroll.

Note: HR Payroll is an Add-on feature

Updated on: 15/02/2024

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