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Floor Management

Floor Management

Navigation: Main Menu --> Restaurant Management --> Floors

Table layout can be designed by setting up a floor plan and tables.

Steps involved in creating a table layout:

Create Floor
Create Tables
Create Floor Plan

Create Floor

To create a new floor click, Create Floor button. Select the floor location and enter floor name.

Create Table

To create tables, click Tables button against the floor under Actions.
Name: Name of the table.
Seating Capacity: Seating capacity of the table.
Price Category: Choose the price category of the table. For representing the default category leave it empty.

Create Floor Plan:

Once floors and tables are created, Click on the tables of a respective floor for which you want to setup the layout.

Click on floor plan to design the table layout.

Tables can be dragged and scaled and transformed inside the veiwport of a floor to setup the layout.
Width: Enter the width of the floor.
Height: Enter the height of the floor.

While placing an order, select the respective tables from the table layout.

Once a table is selected from the layout, items can be added against that table and saved.

Once the items are assigned against the table, the order can be completed from the tables section.

Table Orders

Learn how to place table orders Click here to watch the video tutorial

Food Delivery Aggregator Orders

Food delivery orders will be received in POS Click here to watch the video tutorial

Supported Food Aggregators are Swiggy, Zomato, Ubereats, Amazon, Talabat, Jahez, Deliveroo, Magicpin and Eazydiner.

Updated on: 07/01/2022

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