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Navigation: Pos Backend → Employees → Employees

Employees are managed in this section. There are two types of employees:

Master Employee: The first employee is created by default during the account creation and is the master employee, who has access to all the features in all the locations. Under "Actions" column, you have the option to edit the details of the employee. To reset the master password, Go to Account & Settings → Settings → Change Password section, enter the new and confirm password.

If you do not remember the old password, click Forgot Password on Posbytz home page. Enter your registered email, the OTP will send to your mail and you could reset your password with the use of OTP.

Child Employee: Employees can be created and assigned with roles and location access. Here one can deactivate, edit details and reset password.

Note: Employees can only be deactivated, cannot be deleted.

Create Employee

Employees are created and assigned with roles and location access.

Name: Name of the employee.
Password: Password for login to website and POS.
Passcode: Clock in and Clock out passcode. After login, the POS will prompt for the passcode to grant access to POS.
Username: Unique username for login.
Email: E-mail id of the employee.
Roles: Select the roles from the dropdown which were already created.
Locations: Select the location from the dropdown for which the employee should have access. Multiple locations can be selected and if no location is selected, the system enables access to all the locations.

Change Password

The password of the child employees can be reset without the need for old password.

Updated on: 08/09/2021

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