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Customers are managed in this section. The customer details table displays the overview of the customers.

Note: Customers can only be deactivated, cannot be deleted.

Create Customer

Click "Create Customer" button to create a new customer and fill in the required details.

Basic Info: Basic information of the customer.

Residence Address: Residence address of the customer.

Company Details: Company details of the customer.

Credit Details: Credit details of the customer.

Credit Limit: Maximum credit limit of the customer.

Opening Credit Balance: While creating the customer, if he/she already owes some amount of money. This amount is recorded here as opening credit balance.

Customer Details

Click "View" button to see the detailed information about a customer.

Customer Transactions

Click "Transactions" button. Sale transactions related to a customer are listed here. Click the "Export" button to export the Customer-wise transaction report.

Customer Credits

Customer credit and debit information are managed here. Customer credit and debit amount can be adjusted by clicking "Add" button.

Note: If the customer outstanding is in minus (-), you have to pay to the customer or if it is in plus (+), the customer have to pay you.

Type: Select the transaction type from the dropdown.

Credit: Credit given to the customer.

Payment: Payment received from the customer.

Amount: Enter the amount.

Payment Method: Choose the mode of payment from the dropdown.

Notes: Reference notes for the transaction.

Customer Item Sales

All items bought by a customer are listed here. Click the "Export" button to export the Customer Item Sales report.

Updated on: 23/02/2023

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